Online Slots Guide and Details

The number one online casino game today is without a doubt the online slot machine. Ever since those first slots appeared online, they have continued to evolve dramatically, however those original slots can still be found in most of today's online casinos. The more traditional slots, which have just three reels and generally one winning payline are more often referred to as Classic Slots.

The modern slots, with 5 reels, multiple winning paylines, bonus rounds and impressive in-play animations are known as Video Slots or Bonus Round Slots. In more recent times, software providers have given birth to even more cutting edge online slot machines, which are now known as 3D slots. The vast majority of games at any online casino today are usually slot machines. If an online casino contains 500 individual games, you will generally find that at least 300 of those games will consist of various different online slot machines.

One of the main reasons why slots are so popular is that they are easy to play and they have wide betting ranges, meaning that even if you are extremely low on funds, you should be able to afford a few spins. Most slots allow players to take one spin of the reels from as little as 0.01 coin and high rollers can spend as much as 500.00 coins (or in some cases more) per spin.

A classic slot doesn't really need much explaining. Just check that you are comfortable with the cost per spin and the hit spin. All you have to do is hope that three matching symbols align across that single winning payline. The higher valued the symbol, the bigger your payout will be.

The rules are almost identical with video slots/bonus round slots, but we recommend that you always pay with the full amount of paylines active. This will increase your cost per spin, but the rewards are generally worth it. Most video slots contain Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols and Bonus Symbols, which can trigger mini wins and also simple bonus sounds. When playing on a slot for the very first time, take five minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules by browsing through the paytable and remember to check your stake before your hit spin.

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