Online Keno Guide and Details

One of the main reasons that Keno is so popular is because it is easy to play and the rewards can be huge. Keno is actually an ancient Chinese game which is often recognised as a lottery-style game. Some casinos may label this game as either a ‘numbers’ game, ‘other’ game, or even as a ‘speciality game’, or words to that effect.

There are several different versions of Keno, but the rules are almost identical with each version. Once you have learned how to play one type of Keno, you should find all other varieties just as easy to learn. Most online Keno games can be accessed instantly, where no download is necessary and you should also be able to launch this game in either the free play mode or in the real cash mode when playing online.

As soon as the game has launched (and providing you have enough cash), you can start by picking the numbers that you hope will be drawn. You can then choose between 2 and 10 individual numbers from a grid which usually contains 80 numbers (1-80). All you have to do is click on the numbers that you would like to choose. If you make a mistake, you can deselect that number by clicking on it again, or there may also be a ‘clear’ button that will undo your last move.

As you make your picks, the corresponding payouts should also become clear. Once you have finished making your picks, you can then select how much you would like to bet for that round. A total of 20 numbers will then randomly be drawn and the more numbers which you originally picked are drawn, the larger your prize will be.

Most online keno varieties allow you to make a random selection (lucky dip), plus you can select ‘fast play’ or ‘quick play’, which basically cuts out the animation sequences and speeds up gameplay. You can also pay for several games in advance, which is similar to an online slot machine’s ‘auto-play’ feature. As soon as the last number has been drawn, you will be paid accordingly (if you win that is).