Common Player Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes a player can make at an online casino are usually made when the player is not concentrating on what he or she is doing. If you become too complacent, for any reason, you can end up losing a large chunk of your bankroll. The most important thing that you can do is to check each stake before placing a real cash wager.

When it comes to online slots, some people have been known to ‘bet max’ and not realise how much that actually is, or they just jump straight in and start hitting spin without checking what the coin value or total cost per spin is. For example, on a 20 or 25 paylined video slot, this cost per spin is fixed at either $/€/£2.00 or $/€/£2.50 per spin, which may be more than some players can afford.

Lack of concentration can also see players pressing the ‘Hit’ button instead of the ‘Stand’ when playing blackjack, or hitting ‘No to Insurance’ when in fact you meant to hit ‘Insure all Hands’. These silly little mistakes can prove quite costly and they are often avoidable.

Another mistake that players make is when they continue gambling just to try and win back what has been lost. This is the worst, most desperate form of gambling. The best advice for players who find themselves in this scenario is to cut their losses and return another day before they really do lose everything.

A lot of the mistakes to be honest, are newbie mistakes, but if you are aware of the most common player mistakes to begin with, you will have more of a fighting chance when you do play in the real cash mode.

Also remember that when you receive a decent hand in video poker, the software tends to automatically HOLD the good cards in place for you, so you don’t need to click ‘Hold’. Without concentrating, you may be tempted to hold the cards yourself, which will actually then UNHOLD them. One last notable piece of advice for online gamblers is to make sure that you never gamble when you are drunk, this would be a huge mistake.