Online Baccarat Guide & Details

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games which can be found in almost every online casino today. The most common variant of this game is called Punto Banco. The majority of online casinos that do have this game available will have a detailed section which covers the rules, plus it should also be available in the free play mode, so until you have learned the rules, you should play in this rather handy ‘risk-free’ mode.

The main objective when playing this reasonably fast-paced game is to end up with a hand with points that add up as close to 9 as possible. An Ace is worth one point and the remaining numbers are all worth their face value apart from tens, which are worth zero points. The Jack, Queen and King are also worth zero points.

If the value of a hand makes a two digit number, it’s the last digit which is used, not the first digit. For example, 5+8=13, therefore your hand is worth 3 points. Another example… 5+5=10, therefore your hand is worth 0 points. You can place a bet either on the ‘Bankers’ hand, the ‘Players’ hand, and/or a tie (draw). Cards are then dealt once you have placed your bet and the hand closest to 9 points will win. You have no control over the outcome.

If, for example, you bet on the player and the players hand reaches closest to 9, you will win 2:1, so if you originally bet $/€/£5.00, you will receive a total of $/€/£10 (which is your original stake, plus winnings of 5 credits). Most baccarat hands last just a few seconds.

There is no real strategy that you can apply to this game because it all boils down to luck. The best advice to give if you want to experience online baccarat would be to launch this game in the free play mode and go through the rules extensively before you play your first hand.

If you do decide to play online, remember to set your table limits prior to sitting down at the table. These limits should correspond with your budget. If you experience a losing streak, it would be a good idea to close the game and perhaps try again another day.