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  • Jackpot City Casino - Jackpot City Casino is a trusted and reputable Microgaming powered online casino that boast a huge selection of games (over 500), offers great bonuses and is known globally as being a key player in the online casino industry.

  • Royal Vegas Casino - Offering great bonuses to both new and existing players of their casino Royal Vegas has for a long time dominated the gaming space offering incredible slots tournaments, renowned customer support and much more.

  • Betway Casino - Not only does Betway casino offer an online casino that rivals that of the best of the best but at Betway you'll have the opportunity to indulge in other forms of gambling including poker and sports betting. A great brand worthy of checking out.

Pros of Online Casino Gambling

One of the main advantages to online casino gambling is the huge diversity of games that exists in the average online casino. Where else can players go to experience such a wide variety of different casino games? Even most land based casinos don't have as many games as an online casino.

Online Casinos are relatively easy to sign up to and they are in abundance. Very few of us actually live near a land based casino, so being able to play your favourite casino game (in the real cash mode) from home is an ideal alternative. Many people don't even feel comfortable visiting land based casinos anyway.

The other main benefits are the bonuses. Unless you are a Las Vegas high roller, you won't receive anywhere near as many casino bonuses at a land based casino as you receive from most of today's on-line casino websites. Online casino players can take advantage of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and more.

Playing from home also means that you can put on your favourite music, sit in your underwear and you won't have to worry about a pit boss kicking you out. You can switch from one game to the next in a matter of seconds and you don't have to answer to anyone when playing online, which is what makes online casinos so appealing.

The Cons of Online Casino Gambling

You've heard the benefits and advantages, so what are the disadvantages? Well, there are very few, unless you have a gambling problem that is. The possibility of blowing your entire pay packet in a matter of minutes is a very real possibility, and quite a scary fact. Ok, you can set spending limits usually by adjusting your account settings, but these limits can just as easily be lifted, so if you have little control over your spending, online casino gambling can quite easily become a problem for some gamblers.

One of the other main downsides to online casino gambling has to be the fact that the experience is often a lonely one. If you hit the big time and enjoy a massive win, there is often no one there to share the experience with you. There are no sexy dealers when playing online (unless you are playing in a live dealer casino) and you can't experience the sounds, smells and excitement of a real, land-based casino.

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